Solar panels provide an easy and cost effective solution to heat your swimming pool. By harnessing the free solar energy from the sun you can enjoy the comfort and luxury of a heated swimming pool for 8 to 10 months of the year.

How Do Swimming Pool Solar Panels Work?

Solar panels are generally mounted on a roof located nearby the swimming pool pump system which has exposure to direct sunlight throughout the day. The solar system is connected directly to the pool pump which circulates water up to panels where natural heat is collected and returned to pool. Unlike heat pumps and conventional heating elements, solar panels don’t require any additional electricity to function which makes them inexpensive to run in the long term. Solar panels can be installed on any size swimming pool and is suitable for both chlorine and salt water applications. Solar panels can also be installed on Jacuzzis, spas and hot tubs or be used a complimentary heating system alongside an inverter heat pump. It is recommended to use a solar blanket pool cover where possible to get the maximum heating efficiency from the solar heating system.

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